In 2014, Black Squirrel Company (BSC) was born. BSC is a Washington, DC based start-up on a mission to design, construct, sustainably sourced accessories, for you & your home. We believe we’re creating a future through honoring our rich diverse cultures. By carrying a limited stock of each product and offering some styles that are even one-of-a-kind, we establish a slow fashion approach.

 Renata Philippe is the founder and CEO of Black Squirrel Company.   An Entrepreneur.Wife. Mother. Army Veteran. Accessories designer. Renata Philippe is all of these and so much more.  Throughout her travels foreign and domestic , Renata has always been drawn to textiles (fabric). To Renata, the importance of textiles extends far beyond its aesthetic properties.

At Black Squirrel company our legacy values quality over quantity. Sustainable design will stabilize our community. Along with the handcrafted personal collections, BSC also creates textile art exploring the connection between contemporary design and traditional craftsmanship; finding inspiration in West African, South East Asia and all forms in nature.


Black Squirrel Company is more than just an award winning business; we're a vibrant partner in our community where creativity flourishes. We're a nimble private company, with skilled divisions in:

  • Interior Design: We translate your vision into stunningly crafted living spaces.
  • Bespoke Art: Weave stories and heritage into your home with one-of-a-kind art pieces.
  • Case Goods & Soft Goods Manufacturing: Every stitch and piece tells a tale of quality and craftsmanship.

    Unique Designs for Residential and Corporate Projects


    Trade/Custom Orders

    Make your next design project part of a conscious effort to rebuild domestic manufacturing and craftsmanship. Black Squirrel Company offers interior designers, architects a remarkable line of soft goods & art for custom, residential, and hospitality projects. Our handcrafted quality, beautiful textiles and curated luxury imports are special and something your client or competition has probably not seen before.


    Requesting a Bulk Order ?

     To request a price quote, please complete the form to the below. In many cases, we can give discounts on orders of 10 more of the same product.


    Depending on current volume we will respond within 1 Business Day from receipt of your request. (Response time may increase or decrease depending on the size of the request.)


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